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CompactPCI® Serial • Rear I/O Transition Module

Quad Port Isolated RS-232 Interface

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CompactPCI® Serial • Quad Port Isolated RS-485 Interface

Rear I/O Transition Module • Mezzanine Expansion Module

Proven and reliable, RS-232 stays a popular point-to-point low power communication interface.

The SUA-RIO is basically a rear I/O transition module for CompactPCI© Serial systems. The board is equipped with four isolated rear panel RS-232 ports. Isolation barrier transceivers are provided for optimum noise and EMC immunity up to 920kbps data rate, as required for industrial use and operation in harsh environments.

In addition, the SUA-RIO can be configured as a mezzanine expansion module, suitable e.g. for the CompactPCI© Serial cards SU1-TWIST (isolated RS-485), SU2-BALLAD (isolated RS-232), SUB-RIO (isolated RS-485), and the SUA-RIO itself. When used as mezzanine board in addition to a carrier card, the SUA-RIO doubles the number of ports available from four to eight, and allows also mixed configurations RS-232 and RS-485.

When used as a rear I/O transition module, the SUA-RIO is equipped with the CompactPCI© Serial backplane connector rJ4, sourced from either the SU1-TWIST, SU2-BALLAD or SU3-ENSEMBLE octal UART cards via P4 RIO.

When used as a mezzanine expansion module, the backplane connector rJ4 is not populated. Instead, TTL-level UART ports are passed via on-board stacking connectors M51 to M84, for either top or bottom mount assemblies, with a common 8HP rear (or front) panel.

The isolated RS-232 ports are wired to Micro-D rear (front) panel connectors. Micro-D to Micro-D cable assemblies are available, as well as Micro-D to D-Sub, and pigtail Micro-D cables in addition. As an alternate, the SUA-RIO can be equipped with classic D-SUB 9-pin connectors, attached by means of flat cable assemblies (on-board headers PU5 to PU8).



SUA-RIO Simplified Block Diagram

Block Diagram
Summary of Features

CompactPCI® Serial
  • PICMG® CompactPCI® Serial standard (CPCI-S.0)
  • Rear I/O transition module
  • CompactPCI® Serial backplane connector rJ4
  • Dimensions 100x80mm2 (3U), 4HP rear panel width
  • Suitable for CompactPCI® Serial octal UART peripheral cards SU1-TWIST, SU2-BALLAD or SU3-ENSEMBLE (matching SU1 - SU3 backplane connector P4)
  • Expands front card to 8 ports in total (4 x front panel connectors, 4 x rear panel)
  • Any 4 + 4 port mix of isolated RS-232 and RS-485

Mezzanine Option
  • Mezzanine Expansion Module (rJ4 not populated)
  • Expands carrier card to 8 front (or rear) ports, 8HP total panel width
  • Suitable for CompactPCI® Serial octal UART peripheral carrier cards SU1-TWIST, SU2-BALLAD and SU3-ENSEMBLE (8HP front panel assembly)
  • Suitable for rear I/O modules SUA-RIO and SUA-RIO (8HP rear/front panel assembly)
  • Stacking connectors M51 - M84, pass through, top or bottom mount
  • Any 4 + 4 port mix of isolated RS-232 and RS-485

RS-232 Transceivers
  • 2.5kV Isolation barrier RS-232 transceivers (Analog Devices isoPower)
  • Transceivers meet EIA/TIA-232-E specifications
  • ±8kV/±15kV ESD protection on transceiver input/output pins
  • High data rate > 460kbps (each board tested @921.6kbps)
  • Connect up to 256 nodes on one PartyLine bus (driver enable control via dedicated UART mode select outputs)
  • Open- and short-circuit, fail-safe receiver inputs
  • High common-mode transient immunity >25kV/µs
  • Suitable for high noise data communications and diagnostic ports

Panel I/O
  • 4 x Rear or front panel Micro-D 9-pin high density male connectors
  • RS-232 ports isolated against each other and board circuitry
  • Micro-D cable assemblies available, e.g. Micro-D to classic style D-Sub male or female
  • Ordering option D-Sub 9-pin panel connectors (4 ports require 8HP F/P)
  • Option 2 x D-SUB9 panel connectors on request (4HP, 2 x micro ribbon flat cable assembly)
  • Option 3 x D-SUB9 panel connectors on request (4HP, handle replaced by knurled screw)
  • Option 4 x D-SUB9 panel connectors on request (8HP, 4 x micro ribbon flat cable assembly)

Environment, Regulatory
  • Designed & manufactured in Germany
  • Certified quality management according to ISO 9001
  • Long term availability
  • Rugged solution (coating, sealing, underfilling on request)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Operation temperature -40°C to +85°C (industrial temperature range)
  • Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C, max. gradient 5°C/min
  • Humidity 5% ... 95% RH non condensing
  • Altitude -300m ... +3000m
  • Shock 15g 0.33ms, 6g 6ms
  • Vibration 1g 5-2000Hz
  • MTBF 89.4 years
  • EC Regulations EN55022, EN55035, EN60950-1 (UL60950-1/IEC60950-1)

SUA-RIO Micro-D Connector Pin Assignment
Micro-D Connector Pin Assignment

SUA-RIO & SU1-TWIST Assembly
SUA-RIO & SU1-TWIST Assembly
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